Friday, February 26, 2010

sliced daiya vegan cheese at Figueroa Produce - delightful!

Happy days are here again! Figueroa Produce, the small, independent grocer that specializes in produce in Highland Park, now carries sliceable vegan Daiya cheese in both mozzarella and cheddar flavors. Hooray!!! If you aren't a Daiya fan, they also carry Follow Your Heart, ready to slice.

They slice it any thickness - we got our Daiya sliced paper thin. Oh my. It is delish. I never thought I'd have cheese in that form again once I went vegan. I can't wait to eat it on a cracker.

The best news? Figueroa Produce sells their sliced Daiya at $6.99/pound. Great price! They also sell it shredded.

Figueroa Produce also has a nice, growing organic fruit and vegetable section.
Much of the organic produce is from the South Central Farmers. They have a wide range of organic produce to choose from - potatoes, apples, bananas, kale, chard, collards, squash, broccoli.

They are trying to court more vegan customers, and they are totally open to expanding their vegan repertoire. On the horizon are vegan deli sandwiches. They also have two vegan sections in the refrigerated section.

Please support this local, independent, vegan-friendly business! The owners are super nice and are very open to vegan suggestions.

Figueroa Produce, 6312 North Figueroa Street, LA 90042 (Highland Park).

garden box time

It's not even March and today I put a cherry tomato plant into the garden box. I love Los Angeles! We recently cleared out the winter veggies from our garden box. Today we planted broccoli, purple cauliflower, cherry tomato, bok choy, red lettuce, green lettuce, red beets, arugula, and marigolds.

Before planting, we spread about a 1.5 inch layer of compost on top. Then we placed our little plants in the soil, watered, and prayed for a nice gentle rain tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully they will thrive.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


These sunflowers bloomed today! Their bright yellow faces seem to say, "Hello, it's springtime!"

That's one thing I like about using homegrown compost - sometimes flowers or vegetable plants volunteer out of it. So there are always surprises around the garden.

Ryan and I love the crazy weeds with the yellow blossoms. Our yard is filled with them and gives it a wild, English gardenesque look.