Monday, November 30, 2009

the attack of the caterpillars

My friend Jackie kindly pointed out the fat green caterpillars happily munching away on my broccoli and brussels sprouts plants.

You can see one of them lazing in the sun on the broccoli leaf, in the lower left hand corner of the picture.

They are sneaky! The green blends in beautifully with the leaves.

How to get rid of them? That is the question.

And thanks to facebook, I got lots of answers!

- Take them to an empty lot (where they will starve)
- Let chickens eat them
- Organic pest control
- Attract some birds
- Make fences around each plant with a plastic bottle - cut off the top in a jagged edge
- Sliced cucumbers around the plants
- Ice cube trays filled with beer placed around the plants
- Companion plants that will repel the butterflies and their eggs

Hmmm... what's your favorite?

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  1. please, what are these companion plants that you speak of?