Friday, April 22, 2011

spring blooms

after a month of wonderful things to celebrate 
(i passed my ordination interview! we went on the california college tour with adrian!), 
i thought i'd spend time this easter and earth day weekend 
posting on the new life in the garden. 

the garden is green purple and orange right now. 
lavender, nasturtiums, alyssum, poppies, thyme, roses
and more are all coming alive. 

the sugar snap peas grow at least an inch every day. 
sweet white blossoms fill the boysenberry vines. 
the raspberry vines are spreading like crazy
(oops - I didn't know they did that.)
the artichokes are full and some are falling over. 

my garden boxes all look so innocent now. 
but by july, they will be a tangled mess of life, 
stalks reaching for the light,
thirsting for water, 
full of fruit. 

really, my garden is a constant reminder
of the sacred cycle of life. 
what a blessing. 


  1. Congratulations and welcome back! What a wonderful experience and a beautiful garden to come home to. Sounds like everthing around you has been so rewarding ~

    Happy spring and new life!

  2. congratulations tera. i love the new blog color/layout. so pretty and springlike. also the garden looks amazing and so does the pics of the house in the background. happy easter!


  3. Sarah - thank you! Yes, it's a rewarding time right now. Happy spring to you!

    Janet - thank you! I'm feeling like I want everything around to look like spring - including the blog. :)

    Hope you are both having a wonderful, restful weekend and holiday.