Saturday, September 10, 2011

jammin' & cannin'

Friend Jackie and I had the best time today making jam! 
i felt like such a homemaker puttering around in the kitchen, 
making the jam and canning it in those sweet little jars. 
and i kept thinking "we're doing this for fun - just think about the times
when women had to do this in order to have food in the winter." 
a humbling thought. 

jackie and i started at the pasadena farmer's market this morning, 
and snagged ripe strawberries, figs, and plums. 
above is a medley of three colors of figs, and they were so sweet. 

our canning supplies at the ready! 
jackie and i had jammed and canned before, 
but a long time before - 
i think my last time was 1994 or 1995, 
and Jackie's was 2000. We still had our canning supplies! 

figs, sugar, lemon zest = super yummy fig jam.

and the plum spice jam was A-mazing. 
the color is a deep red-purple, just lovely. 

i need a pic of a piece of toast with some jam slathered on it. 

the best part (other than eating it) is listening 
to the satisfying POP of the lids sealing. 

fabulous way to spend saturday with a dear friend. 



  1. i couldn't agree more. since i learned to make it i cannot stop! tomorrow i'm making more fig jam. every week someone is giving me more fruit from their trees. i will try and put some lemon in this batch. i've been putting a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg and it is delish.


  2. That sounds like such a wonderful time! Plus, you get to enjoy the day many times over whenever you enjoy jam on toast. I've never made jam, but it seems like it would be very satisfying.

  3. Isn't it the best feeling when you can make your own makes all the hard work worth it! I love opening my cabinets and seeing all the jars lined up of pickles, jam and salsa. It's also a good feeling to give them as gifts - hope everyone knows I made from my heart, which is the best gift to give.
    I've never used lemon zest before. I have some berries left so I will for sure try it in the next batch. Hope all is well and you're enjoying the end of summer. :)