Monday, January 16, 2012

shiny new countertop finish

the refinished countertops

last year we renovated our kitchen, 
and we used reclaimed bowling alley lanes as our countertop material. 

they looked beautiful, but we didn't use the right finish on them, 
and they quickly became worn and scruffy. 

here's a pic of the countertops at the beginning of our refinishing project, 
worn and with wood putty applied to fill in the cracks. 

a country farmhouse keeps a lovely blog, 
and they are also keen on using eco-friendly materials in their home.

when they renovated their kitchen, they installed maple butcher block counters, 
and they look fabulous. 
she told me they used AFM Safecoat as the sealer. 
it is water-based and non-toxic. 

after thoroughly sanding all the countertops, 
we applied 3 coats of AFM safecoat in gloss. 
it was easy to apply, clean up, and didn't smell up the kitchen. 

 i'm thrilled with the way they turned out! 
smooth to the touch, glossy, and they should be easy to keep clean. 
can't wait to move everything back into the kitchen and start cooking! 


  1. The countertops are beautiful! That was so creative to use bowling alley lanes. I'm glad that you kept the arrows. It makes them such a conversation piece! Well done!