Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the concrete pour

Our house was in need of a foundation, and thankfully it is happening this month. This house sat for over 100 years on posts and piers underneath, the walls nestled directly on the earth.

For the past three weeks we've been immersed in the foundation work. Today the concrete guy came and they are pouring the west side of the foundation right now! Exciting!

We are super happy with Tim Ryan Construction, who is doing the foundation work. The team is knowledgeable, upbeat, hardworking and really nice. www.timryaninc.com.

They dug a perimeter trench all along the house, and today they are filling it with concrete (see above photo). The foundation will reach all the way up to the edge of the original redwood siding (which was previously covered with asbestos siding, they cut it off at the "skirt" of the siding). Our goal is to eventually get all the asbestos siding off and expose the original redwood siding.

Tomorrow they'll take off the plywood forms and smooth out the concrete, and it will look great. We've already admired the work they've done on the east side of the house.

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