Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tomatoes, pomegranates, roses

Yippee yay! Today I saw the first actual tomato growing on the vine in our garden! Cutest thing ever!

The pomegranate bushes are going crazy.

And I know they aren't really edible, but the house came with wildly overgrown roses in the front. In early February I hacked away at them until the southwest corner of the yard was pretty well cleaned up, and decided if they came back I'd love them and if that killed them then we'd use the space for growing veggies.

They came back with a vengeance and we have an amazing profusion of hot pink roses in the front, which look like little tissue paper flowers. Alyssum and various kinds of thyme are planted among them. There's a little dwarf Mexican Lime that was already here, too, and I'm doing my best to save it. It did not fare too well while the house sat empty for over a year.

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