Tuesday, June 23, 2009

are you really gonna eat that?

For the past few weeks we've hosted a health and wellness class led by Dr. Matt, Dr. Alona and Chef AJ, from the Exsalus Health and Wellness Center, exsalus.com. Matt and Alona do a wonderful presentation on harmful foods that are in people's diets, and what it is about those foods that hurt our bodies (like dairy, meat, oil and refined, processed sugars).
Then Chef AJ comes out and teaches us how to make amazing food without all that stuff. See her waving around that Kale in the pic? She is CRAZY about Kale and makes it taste so good. She even sneaks in whole bags of spinach in chocolate smoothies and I swear - it cannot be detected!

These are amazingly dedicated people with so much passion and knowledge, it's been a real treat and honor to host them at our house the Wednesday nights in June.

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