Wednesday, March 3, 2010

consider roofing materials

We need a new roof, and we are narrowing in on our roofing choice.

Today we are most excited about the metal roofs made by armor lite roofing.

Why are we excited?

First, the price! Their website quotes $110.00/square. A "square" in roofing lingo means 100 square feet of roof. Ryan thinks it is 1.8 times the square footage of the house. He guesses our roof if 25 squares. Tune in later to see if he is right!

Second, a metal roof is more eco-friendly than asphalt shingles. The armor lite roofs are energy star rated. It qualifies for the stimulus energy efficiency tax credit. And supposedly there is better insulation and the roof will reflect more of the sun's heat. Yay, a cooler house in the summer!

Third, armor lite guarantees the roof for 40 years.

We love the look of the "Nu-slate patina" option.

Hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to update the blog with a photo of our fabulous new roof!

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