Thursday, March 4, 2010

homemade rice milk, oh yeah.

My handsome hombre is a true eco-activist, always looking for ways to make our earth footprint smaller. He really likes to eat, and we go through boxes and boxes of rice milk. One day he said, "Enough!" and we went on a quest to make homemade rice milk.

For about $40.00, we got a used soymilk maker on Ebay. It's pretty easy, and even though we are still figuring out a super tasty recipe, I thought I'd share how simple it is to make homemade rice milk.
Ryan bought organic brown rice in bulk. To start the milk, the rice needs to be soaked for about 30 minutes.
Next, you add the soaked rice milk to the handy-dandy "Soybella" milk maker. The instructions are simple - attach the metal rice holder to the machine, clamp down the lid, and press "milk."
In 15 minutes - you will have warm soy or rice milk! We are trying to get the right consistency, so we are using a paint strainer (a new one! not used) to strain the milk to make it as smooth as possible.
After that, I added in a touch of agave, a sprinkle of vanilla extract, and a tiny dash of salt. Viola!
The rice mush that is left in the container from making the milk can be composted (or, if you are super clever like my friend Katherine, you can use it to make cookies).

Our homemade rice milk isn't quite as good as Rice Dream, but hey - we are thrilled to not have another package to throw away. I feel a bit like a pioneer woman (with electricity) making my own rice milk. :)


  1. wow not only does that look super easy, the thought of warm & fresh rice milk is extra appealing.

  2. you are a pioneer woman and i continue to stand in awe.