Wednesday, June 16, 2010

early summer harvest

This may be my favorite time of year in the garden. My hard work of digging in beds and removing spring weeds is over. The little seedlings have taken hold, and they are jubilantly reaching for the sun and growing strong and proud.

I'm still thrilled and amazed by the flowering plants - the beautiful lavender flowers of the eggplants; the bright yellow flowers on the tomatoes and cucumbers. The jasmine is blooming, and there are still some hot pink cecil brunner roses sending out a sweet scent.

Every afternoon I take a work break and wander outside, picking a few cherry tomatoes, a strawberry or two, for a snack.

The hot, hot summer days and rangy garden plants are still weeks away. Now, it's like paradise out there.

My favorite garden spot right now is the teepee of scarlet runner beans, with huge squash leaves peeking out from underneath. It makes me happy every time I pass by.


  1. looks gorgeous ... wish I could visit!

  2. this is so sweet, how did I miss this or forget, you 3 girls are too wondrous! Tera- this blog is sweet sweet. Love and miss you