Wednesday, June 30, 2010

lush and green in Arkansas

We are in Arkansas visiting family, and yesterday my dad toured me around his backyard garden.

The deer are fans of his plum tree, and the plums are sweet and juicy. Smart deer!

My dad always grows tomatoes. He puts a small plastic tube around the bottom of the plants so he can direct the water more directly toward the roots. But a friend of his suggests spraying water all over the plant, because it will soak up water through the leaves, too, and make for a healthier plant? True or false?

Okra is one of my favorite summertime treats, and my dad's okra is coming up strong. Yesterday he noticed ants on his okra plants, and he said that they like to eat the okra blossoms, which means no okra pods. Not sure how he plans to get rid of the ants, and I didn't ask.

This year he's getting really clever with his cucumbers, growing them UP rather than letting them sprawl all over the ground. I think it makes such a pretty vertical element in his garden. He used the same concrete wire that Ryan used in making our garden arch.

Makes me miss my own garden!

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  1. your dad's garden is making me miss my family gardens.
    Hope you are having fun at home.