Wednesday, February 16, 2011

chocolate raspberry cupcakes

In the midst of a few really full days (preaching, ministerial installation, officiating a wedding, flying to phoenix for meetings) Valentine's Day rolled around. Even though Adrian is almost 17 (!!!) I wanted to do something a little special for us to enjoy together.

Kim over at C'est La Vegan totally inspired me with her absolutely beautiful photographs of her chocolate raspberry cake.

My cupcakes are a simpler version of her cake. The recipe for the cupcake is from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (possibly most adorable little cookbook in the world), the chocolate agave flavor. For the raspberry buttercream frosting, I took the buttercream frosting from the same cookbook, added fresh raspberries and didn't add the soymilk. The frosting piped out really easily and held its form. Raspberry sugar sprinkles top the "fairy cakes," as I'm told cupcakes are called in Ireland.


  1. wow tera these look so good. i love raspberries and chocolate together. i will be giving these a try for sure.


  2. janet - thanks! raspberries + chocolate = a little bit of heaven.

  3. Wow, your cupcakes look so beautifully delicious! Now I REALLY need to check out VCTOTW from the library.

  4. Gorgeous! You should open a bakeshop some day! ;-)