Thursday, June 2, 2011

new fave blog - green girl next door

this is my week of new favorites. 
and my new favorite blog is 
and that fabulous green girl
is vanessa meier. 

vanessa's just starting out, 
but she already wrote an honest, compelling post 
about the 180 degree turn 
she took with her shopping habits. 

if you're still buying all your clothes brand-new, 
and all your furniture brand-new, 
read it now! 

 fabulous photos +
delicious vegan recipes +
 thoughtful posts +
cute videos =
my new fave blog. 

vanessa, look forward to reading/seeing more! 


  1. she's my new fave too!

    My closet is full of thrift store clothes, I believe plastic is evil and I don't eat anything that walks so we're a good match!

    Thanks for the introduction...hopefully if we all spread the word, this world will be greener quicker. :)

    ps..your link to her blog doesn't work though

  2. Sarah - we don't like plastic either, but it is everywhere! how do you keep it at bay?

    thanks for letting me know the link didn't work - i think i fixed it.

    let's go green the world!

  3. Thank you Tera! I'm so honored to be included in your favorites list! I can't wait to feature your amazing house on GGND. As soon as I get a little following going we can wow them with your bowling lanes and gardens. :)