Friday, June 17, 2011

root simple book signing!

kelly and erik, creators of root simple blog
and authors of two books!
i had a great time tonight at kelly and erik's 
book-signing at vroman's bookstore in pasadena. 

they are do-it-yourselfers, and their blog 
chronicles their journey toward self-sustainability, 
in their very urban neighborhood of 
Los Feliz, or is it Silverlake, or it is HaFoSaFo? 
(apparently they are right on the boundary). 

i've been stalking, i mean reading, their blog 
for many months now. 
i keep thinking "i can't believe they can do that, or that"

so it was extra cool to be at the book-signing, 
and see they are real people, who are funny and nice. 
and who are confident enough to show real pictures of a real working garden
(meaning: real gardens don't always look perfect). 

i wish i would have taken a pic of them tonight. 
but i was too busy mentally getting on board with kelly's 
assertion that you really can make your own face cream, 
and it's easy, cheap, and eco-friendly. 

this is their new book. 
makes me wish i had taken home ec in high school, 
instead of the agri class. 

can't wait to dive into it. 
and i'm hoping they will open up their space for a tour. 
it is so helpful to see other people's working gardens and get good ideas. 

kelly and erik, you rock! 

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  1. Thanks for coming and great to meet you last night! And, yes, we need to plan on some way to get together again soon.