Monday, August 1, 2011

edible landscape, redlands, CA

kat and geoff

saturday i returned home from my 
"summer 2011 unitarian universalist tour"
the way i fondly refer to my travel-heavy summer work schedule. 

at our UU family camp, 7000 feet in the san bernardino mountains, 
i connected with kat, keith, and geoff. 
we bonded over our edible landscapes. 

they live on my way home, and generously offered to give me a tour of their place. 
i fell in love! 

they have lots of raised beds in the front and back yards, 
growing herbs, flowers, vegetables, fruits. 

the pathways are a recycled tire mulch. 
it's springy to the touch, 
and kat says it's no problem to be on your knees while weeding. 

they'd been out of town for a week, 
but thanks to their drip irrigation system, 
everything looked lush. 

check out this happy, healthy row of raspberries. 

love that they went vertical. 

more raised beds. 

tomatoes exploding out of their cage. 

their paradise has been in the making for the past 8 years. 
it was so inspirational and
helps me look with new eyes on my own garden. 

now that i'm back home, 
i can't wait to catch up on all my blog reading! 


  1. what a fantastic garden. i'd love to see it!

  2. I am thoroughly envious of their gardens!!! It looks so natural but well thought out...something I wish I would be better at. Every year I plant the squash way to close to the cucumbers and they grown into each other! And never plant a climbing rose bush nearby!!!

    Sounds like you've had a wonderful summer so far!
    Thanks for sharing their gardens ... I love to see how other people grow theirs.