Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the thrill of baking from the garden

last fall i planted carrots - 
and to tell the truth, 
i pretty much forgot about them. 

until now and my big springtime plans
to clean up all the garden beds
and ready them for planting. 

so surprise, surprise - 
those carrots grew! 

i ended up with a bowlful and decided to make 
vegan carrot muffins, 
using the recipe from the fat free vegan blog

they are so good! 
the two guys in the house called the texture "spongy"
and by that they meant - not really heavy like
lots of muffins. 

i was especially proud of them because 
i used honey from our bees, 
and applesauce made from apples in our friend's garden. 

honey from our bees, we left plenty of honey for them.

it's funny how extra proud i was of the muffins, 
knowing that we had sourced some of the 
ingredients ourselves. 

now i'm watching the small blossoms on our 
boysenberry vines and wondering
what the summer berries may inspire. 

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