Thursday, April 5, 2012

why do i waste so much food?

why do i waste so much food? 
i've often wondered this, 
but as i was cleaning out our fridge earlier this week, 
that question hit me in my stomach. 

above is a small sample of the many 
containers that i dragged out of the fridge, 
which had all kinds of food languishing in them. 
(salsa, artichoke hearts, jams, 
weird things that remained unidentifiable.)

my theology is fairly sin-free, 
but i do think that throwing out food is sinful, 
when there are so many people who are hungry.  

i'm making a new commitment to buy food items with care, 
not picking up things that look tasty on a whim, 
and planning meals so that we use what we have on hand, 
rather than go out to buy speciality items
that we may use only that one time. 

do any of you struggle with this? 

1 comment:

  1. We just had this same conversation at my house. It is sinful...I shudder at the amount food and money we waste around here. And I thought I was good at buying and planning!

    I went to the store yesterday and bought half of what I normally do. It doesn't look like much but it feels good and I have everything I need for two weeks of meals.

    I also started making my own vegetable stock with the semi-old veggies instead of throwing them out.

    The old bread goes into the squirrel feeders so I don't feel too bad about my "the bread's getting old phobia!"

    Hope you're having a beautiful spring!