Saturday, May 28, 2011

incredible mosaic blog

photo from jeffrey bale's blog

even if i didn't read any posts on 
the header image alone would make me happy enough. 

i read about his blog on root simple
thanks for the introduction! 

jeffrey has beautiful photos of his mosaics and garden designs, 
and gorgeous images of the inspirations behind them, 
both natural and human made. 

photo from jeffrey bale's blog

above is an example of a parking strip he made for one family. 
does someone really park on that? 

the flagstone path i had in mind 
for the western side yard feels really boring now. 

and root simple has a mosaic of their own. 

image from root simple blog

thank you, creative and fun people of the world,
for posting your works of art on the internet, 
so i can look and dream. 


  1. I feel so untalented now! Some people have some amazing talents...I love to read about people and the clever things they do. Thanks for the introduction. :)

  2. Thank you for the link love. And Sarah--no need to feel untalented. Mosaics are pretty easy, just a bit time consuming.