Saturday, May 28, 2011

parkway plantings

the parkway in front of our house 
left a lot to be desired. 
in the spring, the grass had to be managed, 
and in the summer, it was a dry, 
brown mess. 

ryan, bless his heart and strong arms,
got out there with a pickaxe
and removed all the grass and top layer of clay dirt. 

we decided on a mix of california poppies, lavenders, and artichokes. 
we wanted to keep with the theme of our edible landscape, 
and also wanted easy to care for summer color. 

we love artichokes - the big gorgeous leaves, 
the dramatic look of the bud, 
and eating the buds when they are ready. 
we also thought this edible would be safe
from dogs passing by.

a couple of years ago, ryan planted sapote fruit trees in the parkway. 

they were so spindly at first, 
but now after 2.5 years they are filling in really nicely. 

we still have more to do out there. 
i'll put in hot pink yarrow. 
(orange + purple + pink = LOVE!)
next year we should have more poppies. 
it will fill in more. 
but i'm super happy with the way it looks in its first year. 


  1. Nice! I always love stopping by your (virtual) house!

  2. trina - thanks! it just so happens - i'm making the butterscotch brownies from your blog right now!