Monday, November 1, 2010

eye candy that's ethical

don't you love it when you fall in love with something that is beautiful, functional, and good for the planet?

and no, i'm not talking about my sexyveganecoman ryan.

my dear friend amy zurcher of shopscad turned me onto the artful lights created by tanya clarke of liquidlight.

from her website, tanya describes her work:
     Liquid Lights are custom built, industrial designed light installations that experiment with the fusion
     of art, function, and environmental consciousness. Liquid Lights create a visual reminder of the
     precious commodity that water is and our need to protect this natural resource. LED lights, recycled
     plumbing and hardware,  hand sculpted glass drops and found objects are incorporated to contribute
     to the zero footprint movement in the form of Liquid Light.       

and if that's not enough coolness, tanya donates 5% of the purchase toward education and action on global water issues.

for the past two years i've been involved in organizing a california water justice road trip for unitarian universalist young adults, so her art and action especially speak to me.

i can totally see one of these hanging in our kitchen. crossing my fingers we can make it happen!


  1. those are so beautiful! I used to have a little glass vase shaped like a water drop, it hung from a line of fishing wire and had room for just one stem. It was really beautiful. I love the way these lights look when they are turned on!

  2. amey, your vase sounds so sweet - wish i had one!

  3. well look whose been busy blogging!
    I love those amazing lamps!!!!