Wednesday, November 3, 2010

four Ps for front yard farming - from freedom gardens

I love the philosophy of the Path to Freedom family. They have an urban homestead in Pasadena, and grow thousands of pounds of food on their property every year. They were part of our inspiration to create an edible landscape in our yard. 

Maintaining an edible landscape frustrates me on some days, and provides me so much joy on other days. I'm still figuring out placements for beds and growing. Someone told me that it takes at least five years to really discern what works where in your yard. 

The Path to Freedom Urban Homesteaders have a gorgeous front yard, edible garden. 

And Justin shares his four practical "P's" for front yard farming.

1. pretty – be conscious of your neighbors. First thing is you should ask yourself “would I live next door to me.”
2. productive – be innovative and use every square inch, be willing to try new edibles varieties
3. practical – use natural growing methods to conserve water and resources
4. personal – DIY and let your edible garden develop into an extension of your very own needs and desires
Seems pretty smart to me! 
You can read more about their amazing adventures on their blog

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