Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the reveal

when we bought our house, it came ensconced in a layer of old siding. we knew there were original wood shingles underneath it, because they were exposed in one area of the kitchen. (kitchen was added in the '20s or '30s).

over the past two months, we've been slowly taking off the siding.

you can see the siding to the left of the window (painted yellow) and the wood shingles to the right (dingy gray). (we have a new roof going on, yay! hence the plywood on top.)

we feel like the house can breathe again! i love the look of the wood shingles.

for months, i've wondered what would be revealed on the front upper portion (OK - I know this has a name, but for the life of me I have no idea what it is called - help!). I was hoping, hoping, hoping it would have those sweet victorian scallops underneath and ...

yes!!! thrilling!!! I was dancing on the sidewalk when I saw what was underneath. hooray!!! we are so pleased with the general good shape of all the original shingles. i loved reading the siding adventures of an urban cottage. he gives me hope that we'll get our shingles scraped, puttied, and painted in a reasonable amount of time.


  1. i am so excited for you! how fun that the scallops are still there and in excellent shape. i really admire the hard work you guys are doing. any ideas on paint colors? did you know that i hate that my house is red? but it is starting to grow on me.


  2. janet, i bet your red house is lovely! i really like bright colors. I think we've settled on paint colors - but they have to be approved by the city since we are in a historic preservation zone. we saw a blue, white, purple accent house that we loved - and looks much prettier in the picture than it sounds!