Wednesday, November 3, 2010

vegan mofo, take 2

our generous friends kit and hannah invited us over for a super yummy vegan feast last night. we haven't had a working kitchen in a few days, and our tummies were ready for a delicious home-cooked vegan meal.

I was so excited about the menu (african peanut stew, brown rice, roasted root veggies, broccoli, and corn muffins) that i forgot to take any pics until the very end.

decorate your own sugar cookies. what a fun treat! they said suzanne and ro inspired this.

sugar cookies with orange frosting (hannah made it), topped with your choice of chopped almonds, dates, cranberries, mixed nuts, candied ginger.

yum, yum, yum.  thank you, kit and hannah!


  1. I'm always forgetting to take photos of yummy food because I wants it in mah tummy as quickly as possible.

  2. That menu sounds so tasty! Sugar cookies with orange frosting also sound really yummy.