Saturday, November 6, 2010

more autumn orange

We grew a persimmon this year! Yes, one beautiful, deep orange, delicious persimmon.

Our tree is small, and I probably should have clipped off that persimmon when it was tiny. But it was so cute, and the pleasure and anticipation of a persimmon from our yard was too much and I let it grow. Hopefully it wasn't too much energy for our small tree.

And score one for us - we did get to share the persimmon before the raccoons or squirrels got to it.


  1. you know i am seeing tons of oragne everywhere still. i love it. it so reminds me of autumn. yeah for your persimmon!


  2. It's perfect! I bet it tasted great.

  3. How exciting! I love persimmons. They're my favorite fruit of the fall. There's nothing like raising your own; even if it's only just one! :)

  4. love the affirmations of our one little persimmon. and it was very tasty!